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Rugged Computer

Specific Key Technology Products
Rugged Keyboard
Marine Backlight Keyboard
Industrial Pointing Device
Dynamic Waterproof Keyboard

Specific Features: 

Excellent tactile feeling for fast and accutate data input without any noise.
Personalized combination of main keys, numeric keys, FN keys, trackball and touchpad and Force sensing resistor pointer.
NVIS backlit optional.
Solutions for shock and vibration.
Excellent Vandal Proof, and EMI, EMC protection.
Meet MIL-STD-461G with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) etc. & MIL-STD-810F (shock, vibration,
humidity) etc.
Sealing IP67~IP68 grade against harsh invironment like Water, Oil, Dust, Sand, Gas, Dirt, Humidity, Salt Mist, etc
Easy cleaning silicon keyboards via "FN+CLEAN" without taking off from PC, and ignore any mis-operation input.
Flexible and easy Rear Panel / Top Panel mount / vehicle-mounted/ movable stand alone Dest Top solutions.
Ultra thin design and weight for limited mounting dimensions and portability.
Wide operation temperature from -40°C ~ 80°C
Wide range OS support including: DOS/Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac.
Selectable interface including USB, PS/2, Dot Matrix, RS232.
Verious of international layouts optional. 
Short decision time and fast action.
Technical knowledgde and support.
One year warranty promise.

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